Our rules if you stay at our camp-on-site:

  • You can only sleep in a small tent, can't be bigger than 4x4m
  • No cars are allowed on the field. You can park your car at the entrance of the camping or at the parkings of the playing fields
  • The camping is set up on a football field of a school. It's the same location as the last couple of years.
  • We kindly ask you not to throw your garbage or smoked sigarettes on the ground
  • Don't make a fire next to your tent. It's also not allowed to have your own BBQ there
  • The camping isn't guarded during the day, so don't leave any valuables in your tent. We are not responsible if something gets lost or stolen
  • There's no electricity nearby
  • You can use the showers in the dressing rooms on the fields.
  • There are toilets just next to the camping.
  • Address: Polderstraat 78, 8310 Brugge.
  • If you arrive at night then please keep the noise down so you don't wake the other players or neighbours
  • If you arrive during the day then please come to the helpdesk of Tom's Tourney first
  • You can only sleep at the camp-on-site on Thursday, Friday and/or Saturday. You CANNOT sleep there on Sunday night!
  • Please keep the noise down during the night, neighbours are living less than 50m away