open 2 - registered teams

open 2 - registered teams

Last update: January 6th - 22:00 | 53 registered teams

Teams are ranked according to their registration date & time. If we have more registered teams than the maximum number for a division, we will make a selection on January 7th.

If you registered your team and you didn’t get a confirmation mail or the teamname isn’t in this list a day later, then something went wrong. Please contact us at TT [at] or fill out the contactform.

Open division 2 (24 teams to be selected)

1. BTR (Toulouse, FRA)
2. Magic Disc Angers (Angers, FRA)
3. Manchester Ultimate (Manchester, GBR)
4. Krakens (Barcelona, ESP)
5. OUF (Tours, FRA)
6. Rebel Exiles (Cork, IRE)
7. Helgtre Open (Helchteren, BEL)
8. Friztoi Ultimate (Luzarches, FRA)
9. GOLD (Gent, BEL)
10. Ultimate Vibration (Cergy, FRA)
11. DiscoBolo (Bologna, ITA)
12. Vertigo (Eindhoven, NLD)
13. UPA (Saint Prix, FRA)
14. Armada (Brussels, BEL)
15. Ars Ludendi (Darmstadt, DEU)
16. Blues (Paris, FRA)
17. PUC Ultimate (Paris, FRA)
18. Chimera (EUR)
19. Ka-Pow! (London, GBR)
20. Phoenix (Montrouge, FRA)
21. Bordeaux Ultimate (Bordeaux, FRA) IN: winner Tom's Tourney 2023
22. Solebang Ultimate Club Cham (Cham, CHE)
23. Dublin Frisbee 7s (Dublin, IRE)
24. WIP (BEL)
25. Blue Arse Flies (Cheltenham, GBR)
26. Blackbirds (Brabant Wallon, BEL)
27. SOLENT (Southampton, GBR)
28. Ultimate Vibration Old start (Cergy, FRA)
29. Bonnsai (Bonn, DEU)
30. Moustix (Lyon, FRA)
31. GM Open Germany (DEU)
32. MENA open (MENA)
33. BeeFree (Torino, ITA)
34. Panic (Leiden, NLD)
35. Hard2Fish (Hamburg, DEU)
36. Ford Elektro (Delft, NLD)
37. Funatoren (Hannover, DEU)
38. Bonobos (Bochum, DEU)
39. Cota Speed (Basel & Rimini, CHE & ITA)
40. Spar Employees Trade Union (Lisarda, Cork, IRE)
41. PELT (Limerick, IRE)
42. Left Overs (Brno, CZE)
43. Reading Ultimate (Reading, GBR) IN: runner-up Tom's Tourney 2023
44. Family Ultimate (Dusseldorf, DEU)
45. Tsunami (Nemours, FRA)
46. Revolution'Air (Paris, FRA)
47. ZU PlatZHirsch (Zurich, CHE)
48. One Tribe (Bologna, ITA)
49. Lahntalknaben (Marburg, DEU)
50. AUC (Amsterdam, NLD)
51. Air Support (Ramstein, USA) IN: spirit winner Tom's Tourney 2023
52. Fire of London (London, GBR)
53. Farmers (Rehovot, ISR)