Ladies: Participating teams

Ladies division (16 teams)

CUSB Elite U23 (Bologna, ITA) | First time @ TT
Amsterdam Ultimate Club (Amsterdam, NLD) | First time @ TT
Deskeagh (Dublin/Cork, IRL) | First time @ TT
DiscoBolo Ladies (Bologna, ITA)
Gentleladies (Gent, BEL) | WUCC18-Team | Runner-up @ TT17
Iceni (London, GBR) | WUCC18-Team | Spirit-winner @ TT05
KFUM Ladies (Örebro, SWE) | WUCC18-Team | First time @ TT
Mantis (Vienna, AUT) | WUCC18-Team | Spirit-winner @ TT16
Netherlands U20 Women's team (NLD) | WJUC18-Team | First time @ TT
Nice Bristols (Bristol, GBR) | WUCC18-Team
Seagulls (Hamburg, DEU) | WUCC18-Team | First time @ TT
SYC (London, GBR) | WUCC18-Team
U de Cologne (Koln, DEU) | Winner of TT14
Ultimate Dragons (Copenhagen, DNK) | First time @ TT
YAKA (Noisy-Le-Sec, FRA) | WUCC18-Team | Winner of TT07 | Runner-up @ TT13 | Spirit-winner @ TT06
ZUF (Zurich, CHE) | WUCC18-Team

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Open 2: Participating teams

Open division 2 (20 teams)

Ah Ouh Puc (Paris, FRA) | Runner-up @ TT16
Ars Ludendi (Darmstadt, DEU)
Blue Arse Flies (Evesham, GBR) | Winner of second division @ TT09, TT10, TT12, TT14 | Runner-up in second division @ TT08 | Spirit winner @ TT13, TT16
Caracals (Wuppertal, DEU)
CUSB Red Bulls (Bologna, ITA) | First time @ TT
DiscoBolo Open (Bologna, ITA)
DMB (Bremen, DEU)
Dublin Gravity (Dublin, IRL)
EDI (Edinburgh, GBR) | First time @ TT
Eul'chtimate (Lille, FRA)
Flying Rabbits (Brussel, BEL) | First time @ TT
Force Elektro (Delft, NLD)
Frisbeurs (Nantes, FRA)
Friselis (Versailles, FRA)
Fruhsport 0,2 (Koln, DEU) | Winner of TT04 | Runner-up @ TT08
Helgtre (Helchteren, BEL) | Winner of second division @ TT16
Moonwalkers (Brussel, BEL) | WMUC18-Team | First time @ TT
Mr Friz (Rennes, FRA) | First time @ TT
Revolution'Air (Paris, FRA)
RMD (Frankfurt, DEU) | Spirit winner @ TT17
Solebang (Cham, CHE) | Spirit winner @ TT13, TT14
Tsunami (Nemours, FRA) | First time @ TT

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Tournament Formula

We'll host 3 divisions with a total of 60 teams

Open division 1: very competitive, 24 teams
Open division 2: little less competitive, 20 or 16 teams
Ladies division: 16 or 20 teams

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If you want to sleep at the camp-on-site then you have to make your reservation through us. For every other option you'll have to make your own reservations and take care of the payment at the hotel!

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2 deadlines :

  • February 1st : final date to make a payment of €250. Only after making this payment your spot is secure! This amount will be subtracted from the playersfees in your second payment in April. It is NOT a teamfee
  • April 18th : final date for payment of the playersfee and spots at the camp-on-site.

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3 parties @ TT18:

  • Teams arriving on Thursday evening can join us @ the tent and meet up with your friends from the other teams already here
  • After the BBQ on Friday-evening you are welcome to stay @ the tent for a drink with your friends while listening to our DJ
  • On Saturday night we host the big party @ Studio Hall. Same location as the fields, no need to take your car!


Registration is closed

Registration is closed. Deadline was January 6th 2018. You can still register but only to be put on the bottom of the waiting-list.

Use the contactform if you still want to register your team.


Open 1: Participating teams

Open division 1 (24 teams)

Amsterdam Ultimate Club (Amsterdam, NLD)
Barbastreji (Padova, ITA) | Winner of second division @ TT17
Chevron Action Flash (Manchester, GBR) | WUCC18-Team
Craic Dealers (Limerick, IRL) | First time @ TT
CUSB La Fotta51 (Bologna, ITA) | WUCC18-Team | Winner of TT07, TT08, TT09, TT15, TT17 | Runner-up @ TT16
Devon Ultimate (Exeter, GBR) | WUCC18-Team | First time @ TT
Family Ultimate (Dusselforf, DEU) | WUCC18-Team | First time @ TT
Flump (London, GBR) | Spirit-winner @ TT15
Freespeed (Basel, CHE) | WUCC18-Team | Winner of TT12, TT13 | Runner-up @ TT09, TT10, TT14
Freezzz Beezzz (Brugge, BEL) | WUCC18-Team
Gentle Open (Gent, BEL) | Spirit-winner @ TT07, TT08, TT10
Iznogood (Noisy le Sec, FRA) | WUCC18-Team | Winner of TT00, TT03
Jetset (Leuven, BEL) | Spirit-winner @ TT00
Ka-Pow! (London, GBR) | Spirit-winner @ TT12, TT17
KFK (Copenhagen, DNK)
KFUM Open (Örebro, SWE) | WUCC18-Team
M.U.C. (Munchen, DEU) | Runner-up @ TT17 | Spirit-winner @ TT16
No Big Deal (Basel/Brighton, GBR)
Ragnarok (Copenhagen, DNK) | WUCC18-Team | Runner-up @ TT13
Sokol (Moscow, RUS) | WUCC18-Team
SUN (Creteil, FRA) | WMUCC18-Team | Winner of second-division @ TT13 
Tchac (Pornichet, FRA) | WUCC18-Team | Runner-up @ TT15
Touchless (Tel Aviv, ISR) | First time @ TT
Wall City (Berlin, DEU)

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Playersfee is €73 per player.

Included :

  • tournament
  • breakfast on Friday, Saturday & Sunday
  • BBQ (regular or vegi) on Friday evening
  • Hot meal on Saturday evening (still to be decided what will be served)
  • water on the fields
  • playersgift
  • welcome party on Thursday evening
  • Party on Saturday night

Guestfee is €43 per person. As a guest you’ll get everything a player gets, except the playersgift and the joy to play.

No extra teamfee to be paid.


Practical Info


Breakfast is served in the tent on Friday, Saturday and Sundaymorning from 7.30 AM till 10 AM. Please bring your own plate, cup & knife !

Dinner on Friday

This dinner is included in the playersfee and guestfee. You can choose between a delicious BBQ or a vegi alternative without meat or fish

Dinner on Saturday

This dinner is included in the playersfee and guestfee. The menu still has to be decided

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Our rules if you stay at our camp-on-site:

  • You can only sleep in a small tent, can't be bigger than 4x4m
  • No cars are allowed on the field. You can park your car at the entrance of the camping or at the parkings of the playing fields
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Location - Directions

The fields where we play are called "Schuttershof" or "Gulden Kamer" and are situated in the "Boogschutterslaan" in "Sint-Kruis", the north-east part of Brugge. Postcode is 8310 and you can enter the parking just to the right of the restaurant "Studio Hall" at number 41.

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December 12th 2017: registration opens

January 6th 2018: registration closes

January 7th: we will select the teams who can participate

January 8th: communication to the selected teams

January 15th: confirm your spot by mail or by filling out the dataform on our website

February 1st: payment of €250 to secure your spot

February 14th: fill out the dataform on our website: provide us with the number of players & guests on your team & your lodgingoption

April 18th: payment of all playersfees minus €250 euro